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The version 0.2 of the solaR package is now available at CRAN. This package provides a set of calculation methods of solar radiation and performance of photovoltaic systems. The package has been uploaded to CRAN under the GPL-3 license.

The most important changes included in this version are:

  • The package is now almost entirely designed with S4 classes and methods.
  • The time series objects are constructed with the ‘zoo‘ package.
  • Most of the functions and arguments have been renamed in order to ease the understanding by international users.
  • Two new functions have been included for the statistical analysis of a PV plant composed of several systems.
  • The package dependencies have been optimized.
  • Several new small functions for date-time calculations are now available.
  • Several bugs have been corrected.

Besides, an introduction to this package is available as a vignette (both in English and in Spanish).