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Gapminder is an independent foundation based in Stockholm, Sweden. Its mission is “to debunk devastating myths about the world by offering free access to a fact-based world view“. They provide free online tools, data (more than 400 datasets freely available!) and videosto better understand the changing world“.

Gapminder World Map (2010)

Gapminder World Map (2010)

The initial development of Gapminder was the Trendalyzer software, used by Hans Rosling in several sequences of his documentary “The Joy of Stats” (yes, you should watch it!). This software was acquired by Google in 2007, and is now available as a Motion Chart gadget and as the Public Data Explorer.

Last but not least, if you use R (yes, you should be using it!) you can enjoy stats producing motion charts and more with the googleVis package, an interface between R and the Google Visualisation API without uploading data to Google.